Tourism & Leisure

As a pioneer of the semi-submersible world, the platypus creates a strong enthusiasm for resorts and diving centers at the edge of paradise lagoons and bay who see the product as a source of revenue as an extraordinary communication tool to make tourists enjoy the wonders of-marines.

The Platypus allows you to discover the world of diving to any person, diver or not, valid or not, beginner or pro. It has an interest in each type of person, it helps the novice to discover the diving, the pro to explore the diving areas easily and thus optimize your diving time in bottles, the archaeologist to discover wrecks, etc.

One of the most promising identified leisure applications is the use of the boat for sustainable tourism: to transport tourists underwater to allow them to see the beauty of the seabed, but also to raise awareness of the problems Environment, to make an inventory of the fauna and flora, to identify the Pollution of Macro Waste Especially plastics, or even collect it.


The luxury market is booming, and so is the yachting market and its derivatives, the so-called tender annexes and the “toys” for the rich, especially the pocket submarines, commonly known as “toys”

If this market explodes, it is limited by 3 factors:


  • Unbridled competition on tenders, almost all boat builders and yachts are in this very buoyant market, the differentiating factors are therefore crucial
  • A strong usage limit for toys: having a submersible creates difficulties such as launching, piloting – it takes special skills to use them – and the limit 
  • Finally the limit of space on a boat as big as it is strong, it takes room for tender and toy not to mention the means of lifting and storage duplicated with all that this generates in terms of cost, maintenance …


A yachting version called SWORDFISH of the platypus with great design capable of great performance with electric power and comfort on the water (the trimaran design gives it immense stability) combined with its semi submersible capability for 6 people would make this craft the perfect toy of the rich, not to mention its james bond side.

Environmental Monitoring and Action

Maritime conservation organizations such as UNESCO, the Cousteau Association and national research institutes are aware of marine degradation, rising temperatures and rising sea levels. There is a growing awareness of the need to monitor and protect marine ecosystems
Most seabed turns out to be in a deplorable state due to pollution from plastic macrowaste (bottles, plastic bags, etc.). And others such as drift lines !

Platypus can be used as a cleaning platform up to 10 m deep, these versions will be equipped with pumping and storage systems, the machine then becoming an extraordinary tool to detect, geolocate and collect the waste, whatever they are floating, submerging under water or resting at the seabed.

Other Applications

Platypus Craft - Use Friendly

#1 A real solution for people with reduced mobility

Platypus allows people with reduced mobility to dive safely and easily. Adaptations in the form of equipment are being designed in collaboration with our Ambassador Handiplongée, Philippe STREIFF, former F1 driver, who became quadriplegic and now technical adviser to the interdepartmental delegate to the Road safety.

Multi-function platform work

#2 A multi-function platform work

The Platypus allows to have a professional work platform and facilitates the realization of works in the low submarine funds Depth: Monitoring and maintenance of energy underwater installations (tidal turbine, tidal power plant….), industrial or aquaculture (oysters, mussels, etc.).

Yacht - Platypus

#3 Boater

In addition to the touristic market, individual and especially yachtmen can use the platypus as a pleasure craft or a tender and use it in addition as a  » toy » Submarine. Sport and luxury versions are planned to meet the expectations of this very specific market but standard version in their highest configuration can already meet expectations with the “Lagoon Explorer Yacht Edition“.

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